About Us

Red Rock Roasters was founded in 1993 in our family’s converted barn. For twenty years, we have sought to provide the freshest, highest-quality specialty coffee and select allied products to all our customers. We work hard to roast the best green coffees on the market by hand with care and professionalism, and coffee roasting is a craft we take seriously. We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in specialty coffee, but our customers have always looked to Red Rock Roasters for simple quality, unpretentious know-how, distinctive blends, and honest, reliable customer service.



We roast five days a week and each bag of Red Rock Roasters’ coffee has a Roast Date on the bottom. You can count on freshness and transparency from us.

our roaster

Marge, our 60-kilo hot-air roaster.


When he’s not working at Red Rock, our company spokesdog Java volunteers his time as a registered Therapy Dog.










We appreciate the many hands that work together to produce the coffee we enjoy, from seed to cup. That’s why Red Rock Roasters strives to support coffee communities—local, regional, and global. We’re proud to provide local jobs with a living wage and benefits in a challenging economy and to sell Fair Trade USA-certified coffees.

In 2016 we gave 12.13% of our profits to charities including Delancey Street Foundation, Cafe Femenino FoundationKeshet Dance Company, Roadrunner Food Bank, Chatter, St. Martin’s Hospitality Center, Global One to One, and more. That’s just what a good local business does.

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