International Women’s Day: Cafe Femenino

Something that I find absolutely wonderful about my industry is that coffee roasters consider it our responsibility to deal fairly with coffee producers and to respond to the extreme vulnerability of their position in the global economy. Some of the greatest rivalries we have are over things like Fair Trade vs Direct Trade--sort of an arms race to see who can go more good. And that’s a great … [Read more...]

We’re featured on Coffee Talk!

We are proud our new tasting room is featured in the coffee industry's trade web site Coffee Talk. Check out the article: After Twenty-four Years in Wholesale, Red Rock Roasters Launches Tasting Room Open to the Public. … [Read more...]

Coffee and Food: The Yin and the Yang

In my daily work as a coffee cupper, I make an effort NOT to pair coffee with food, milk, perfume, or other contaminants, as I am doing my best to isolate flavors so that I can be consistent and so that I can communicate clearly about my experiences. I love drinking black coffee with no distractions. That said, coffee is an important component of various culinary experiences--could anybody … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting Your Brew

Often, when I am selling a bag of coffee beans to someone, or when I am out on the town sampling our brewed coffee, customers will remark that their at-home coffee doesn't taste as good as when a barista makes it. By asking a few questions, I am usually able to get to the bottom of the issue and offer corrective action. I thought, why not write this stuff up for 24/7 reference? Let's talk about … [Read more...]

Wholesaler Profile: Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe!

Our Customer of the Month is Albuquerque’s own Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe! For the last two years, Cinnamon Cafe has been one of our favorite spots for New Mexican/American/Greek breakfast and lunch in the Heights! They also have a gift shop and offer cooking and baking classes. Try a cup of our House Blend while you’re there. No matter where you are in New Mexico, chances are you can get a … [Read more...]

Red Rock Roasters went live!

ICYMI Red Rock Roasters went live! As part of The New Mexico Coffee Association's effort to encourage local residents to try all the great local coffee roasters and shops in the Land of Enchantment, yours truly (Rachel) joined the KRQE This Morning team to talk about local coffee, Red Rock Roasters and what we mean when we say we're "coffee agnostic." Check out the story here or the video … [Read more...]

Hostess & Corporate Gifts

Try a gift basket! Our most popular is the Three Continents Bundle. Three medium-roasted single origin estate coffees–the perfect way to enjoy the intrinsic (or origin) flavors of coffee! Included in this bundle: Colombia Bucaramanga “Villegas” Our medium-roasted Colombia is robust, well-balanced, and intensely aromatic. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, Colombia being the world’s third-largest coffee … [Read more...]

Coffee Stuff For Which I’m Thankful

You wonderful customers. From the largest institutional customer to the cultish devotion of those who call every Friday to see what’s fresh, we would have nothing at all if not for our loyal customers. Some of our relationships go back 23 years! Some of you came to cupping classes and got hooked. We’re so grateful that you choose us. Coffee is so damn good these days. Every green sample we get … [Read more...]