Join us THIS Saturday, February 11th: Coffee Roasting Mythbusting Class!

Finally! Our first class in the brand new tasting room!

Ready for some coffee roasting mythbusting? Our mission is to debunk coffee myths and to challenge reactionary trends by using a science-based approach to roasting, blending, brewing, and cupping.

At Red Rock Roasters’ first in-house coffee class since its renovation, our Coffee Director, Rachel Langer, will demonstrate the effect of roast level/color on cup quality.

This is a unique opportunity to taste a single-origin coffee roasted to four different levels:

  1. First Crack/Third Wave light
  2. Medium
  3. Full city/French
  4. Very dark Second Wave French/Italian

Class starts at 10AM, Saturday, February 11th, in our Cupping Lab, 4801 Jefferson St NE 87109. Free, with $5 suggested donation to the Cafe Femenino Foundation.

Register on Facebook—class space is limited to 20 people.


  1. Jane Ripple says

    The Business Outlook said you have a coffee tasting event coming up on April 15. Not sure if that is correct but if it is I would like to sign up. I went to Facebook and there is no sign up there either. Will there be a class then?

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