We got a Fantastic Article in Alibi!

We got a great article in the Alibi.  Here’s an excerpt:

Chances are you’ve had a cup of coffee from Red Rock Roasters, the Albuquerque-based, family-owned coffee roasters—you just never knew it. That’s because, since 1993, the bulk of their business has been dealing directly to restaurants, finding terrific coffee the world over and offering instruction and technique to their clients. At Red Rock’s new, renovated tasting room (not a cafe), Coffee Director Rachel Langer aims to not only teach you how to make your daily cup (or three) taste better, but to demystify some coffee trends while sharing tried-and-true methods so you’ll get the most from your morning cup of joe.


To learn more about our coffee classes and the thinking that goes behind them, read the rest of the article here: RED ROCK ROASTERS’ NEW TASTING ROOM OFFERS EXPERT COFFEE CLASSES

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