Cold Brew: Ubiquitous, Hyped, and Pretty Darn Tasty

  If you're drinking Specialty coffee in America in 2016, you'll have noticed that "Cold Brew" is absolutely everywhere you look: in grocery stores, on tap, at your favorite coffeeshop. It's a monumental trend and it's big business. But what's so special about it? It's just another brew method, like espresso, French press, or pourover. But unlike those methods, cold brew uses tepid … [Read more...]

Coffee Brewing Basics

coffee brewing

When we brew coffee, we dissolve the soluble solids from ground coffee in water. There are a few variables at play in how complete this solvation is: Coffee particle size — Whether your coffee is pulverized for Turkish brewing or coarsely ground for your French press will affect not only the strength, but also the flavor, caffeine content, and body of your coffee. There is unfortunately no … [Read more...]