Have a Bag of Coffee Chaff!

  Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to amend your garden soil with...coffee chaff! Chaff is the papery skin of the coffee bean, which flakes off during roasting and gets sucked out of the drum by our cyclone. We collect it in recycled GrainPro bags until someone comes to get it! Coffee grounds are also a popular addition to your garden, but unlike grounds, which are a green for … [Read more...]

We were featured in this article!

https://mightygoods.com/baristas-coffee-packing/ Check out this article from MightyGoods! I feel the need to specify I pack my French press with baby socks--they slip right in. "But if you’re going to a city, why not leave your gear behind and enjoy whatever the city has to offer? It’s such a wonderful way to have a small, affordable travel adventure. Some of the most memorable coffee … [Read more...]

Coffee Freshness and You

When I lead tastings and classes, I inevitably get the following questions: where should I keep my coffee for optimum freshness? In the freezer? What kind of container should I get? How long will ground coffee keep? Whole bean? As with anything coffee, there are a lot of variables at play when we talk about coffee freshness. Where do you live? What's the season? What container is it in? Is it … [Read more...]