Cold Brew: Ubiquitous, Hyped, and Pretty Darn Tasty

  If you're drinking Specialty coffee in America in 2016, you'll have noticed that "Cold Brew" is absolutely everywhere you look: in grocery stores, on tap, at your favorite coffeeshop. It's a monumental trend and it's big business. But what's so special about it? It's just another brew method, like espresso, French press, or pourover. But unlike those methods, cold brew uses tepid … [Read more...]

Cold Brew: Lemonade’s Bad-Boy Cousin Who Answers to No One and Cannot be Tamed

It's suddenly gotten quite warm here in Albuquerque, and I am just itching for some of that Sweet Lady Cold Brew. I've got a Toddy at home, but you actually don't need a special maker to prepare cold-brewed coffee. What you need is:One dry cup of your favorite coffee, ground coarsely (like for French Press) One quart of cold, fresh water Two containers big enough to hold a quart of liquid, one … [Read more...]