In Which Red Rock Talks Dirty

    Benjamin brought these filthy portafilters back from an anonymous customer. We all oohed and ahhed over how disgusting they were, and then we mixed an ounce packet of Urnex Original Brewer Cleaner (NSF Certified and Organic compliant!) with about a quart of hot water and let them soak for an hour and a half. Then we scrubbed a bit. Cleaning your equipment is easy, and … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

coffee pot

Rancid coffee oils and hard water buildup can really ruin good coffee. To keep your drip brewer free of scale and grime, follow these easy steps: Prepare a mixture (enough to fill your coffeepot) of 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts cold water. Feel free to use a stronger solution if this is the first time you've cleaned your coffeepot in a long time. Make sure there's no coffee grounds in the … [Read more...]