Coffee and Chile Pairings

Note: the New Mexican agricultural product is spelled chile, not chili. So not a mistake. With green chile season in full, fragrant swing here in Albuquerque, I've decided to share my ideas for Red Rock Roasters coffee and chile pairings. I am a pioneer in this field, being so far the only person writing on the topic. A lifetime of chile for breakfast has developed my palate, you see. Like wine … [Read more...]

Coffeehouses: A Short History

As coffee traveled out of Ethiopia, across the Muslim world, and into Europe, Asia, and the Americas in the middle of the last millennium, it met with opposition from the world’s political and religious leaders. In 1511, it was banned by Mecca’s most conservative imams (the ban was overturned thirteen years later by order of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I). At the beginning of the seventeenth century, … [Read more...]

Coffee Compost

Oh, Coffee. Not only do you provide delicious flavor, a kick of caffeine, and an excuse to take five, but even after you're done brewing, you just keep on giving. I love you. Coffee grounds are relatively high in nitrogen and acidity, which makes them an excellent amendment to New Mexico's highly alkaline soil. If you spread them thinly around the base of a plant, you can deter snails and … [Read more...]