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https://mightygoods.com/baristas-coffee-packing/ Check out this article from MightyGoods! I feel the need to specify I pack my French press with baby socks--they slip right in. "But if you’re going to a city, why not leave your gear behind and enjoy whatever the city has to offer? It’s such a wonderful way to have a small, affordable travel adventure. Some of the most memorable coffee … [Read more...]

Our Trip to a Mexican Coffee Finca

A Note on Photography at Origin: Maybe it's because of my cultural studies background, but I have always done a sustained eyeroll at the images used to market coffee. Anonymous hands cupping ripe coffee cherries; the roaster amongst coffee bushes as if just waiting for the exact moment of ripeness to hand-pick each precious cherry. These images suggest that the roaster is the discoverer of … [Read more...]