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It's always Been professional

Our customers have always looked to us for consistent quality, unpretentious know-how, and honest, reliable customer service, even as Specialty coffee trends have come and gone.

Founded in 1993 in our family’s converted barn in the Village of Corrales, New Mexico, we have sought to provide the freshest, highest-quality Specialty coffee and select allied products to all our customers. That adds up to 25 years of service and earned experience. We work hard to roast the best green coffees on the market by hand, with care and professionalism.

Coffee roasting is a craft we take seriously. We are 2018 winners of the New Mexico Coffee Roaster Competition, and to date, the only roaster in New Mexico ever to have scored over 90 points from Coffee Review.

Two generations of our family work together with the six coworkers who aren't related to us.

Red Rock Roasters is still grounded in understanding the importance of paying people fairly for their hard work, recognizing excellence in green coffee production, and knowing that giving back to the community at both the local and global level is good for business. 

from the CHerry to the cup

Red Rock Roasters appreciate the many hands that work together to produce the coffee we enjoy, from seed to cup. That’s why we strive to support coffee communities—local, regional and global. We’re proud to provide local jobs with a living wage and benefits in a challenging economy and to sell certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees.

Each year, we give a minimum of 10% of our profits to coffeelands and local charities including Cafe Femenino Foundation, Coffee Kids, Keshet Dance CompanyRoadrunner Food BankGlobal One to One, and Fathers Building Futures.

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