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Red Rock Roasters believes that coffee brewing is a science. But not every coffee drinker has all the tools to apply a science-lab approach to brewing coffee at home. If you don’t own a scale and an array of fancy coffee makers, or you don’t want to spend time geeking out over coffee brewing tools and techniques, you can still enjoy a delectable cup of home-brewed coffee. Just make sure you have clean filtered water, fresh coffee beans, and a good grinder. Here are five ways to make great coffee without all the fanfare!

How to Brew Great Coffee at Home

French Press

French Press

French Press

A French press is the perfect way to enjoy drinking coffee with nothing between you and your freshly roasted beans. The body and depth of flavor are why you want to perform this method of coffee brewing.

What you need:

· French press

· Coffee beans

· Coffee grinder

· Boiling water

We prefer a burr grinder if possible. The grind size needed for a French press is medium coarse, which is comparable in size to coarse kosher salt.

Measure your coffee beans for grinding. Heat water to boiling. Seems simple, but here is the amount of coffee and water to use:

For a 3-cup French press:

· Coffee 23 grams or 4 tablespoons

· Water 300 ml or 30 ounces

For an 8-cup French press:

Burr Grinder

Burr Grinder

· Coffee 68 grams or 11 tablespoons

· Water 900 ml or 30 ounces

Add ground coffee to French press, fill with hot water just off the boil, stir, and place the top/plunger onto the beaker/base.

Do not press the plunger down, but let it rest nearly on top of the water and coffee grounds mixture to conserve heat loss. Wait for three to four minutes before pressing the plunger down to the bottom of the beaker.

Pour a perfect cup, and remember that the last 10% at the bottom of your press is too murky to enjoy.

Experiment to see how you prefer your water-to-bean ratio, and remember that these are “suggested” industry standard guidelines. We support the need to get to that caffeine with as little difficulty as possible in the morning!


Chemex has made a comeback in the coffee world. Initially designed in 1942, this pour-over brewing method is excellent for people looking to enjoy clean flavor with less body than that produced by a French press.

Technically this is a drip method, and you will need the following:

· Chemex carafe

· Chemex paper filter

· Coffee beans

· Coffee grinder

· Hot water

Chemex grind size

Chemex grind size

The technical stuff calls for a 16-to-1 ratio of water to ground coffee.

For a 16-oz or 6-cup classic Chemex:

· 33 grams or 2.2 tablespoons coffee beans

· 525 grams or 18.50 ounces hot water

Start by grinding beans medium fine. This looks like sea salt, or a bit more coarse than table salt. Boil water.

Open the Chemex filter with three layers on one side, and place into the brewer with the three layers facing the spout. Pre-wet the filter with hot water to rinse and form the filter to the brewer.

Pour out the rinse water before adding coffee grounds. Level the grounds and pour just enough water to cover the top of your coffee grounds. This is called pre-wetting or blooming the grounds.

Wait around 45 seconds before slowly pouring the remainder of the water onto and around the coffee grounds. Make sure you use a circular motion around the filter to saturate all of the grounds as you continue to pour.

Stop pouring at least one-half inch from the top, and allow the water level to lower before adding more water. Plan to take at least 3 minutes to stream all of the water into the filter.

Allow water to drip until the liquid level is below the coffee grounds, and remove the filter to the trash.

Pour and enjoy. A few little tips: The bubble on the front of the Chemex is the halfway measure for the full volume of your brewer. You may need to experiment with your coffee grind size and water amount to achieve your perfect cup. Industry standards fall in a 16-to-1 and 18-to-1 water-to-coffee ratio for Chemex brewing.

Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave is a flat-bottomed pour-over dripper for brewing your coffee. There are two sizes: basically a single cup and a larger size for two to three cups. You will need special filters made to fit the Kalita. By utilizing a flat bottom and the concentric ring around the perimeter of the Kalita filter, the brewing method is designed to allow smooth extraction. Other cone-style filters can develop suction and cause problems in the pour over coffee drip completion.

Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave

You will need:

· Kalita Wave

· Kalita filter

· Grinder

· Coffee beans

· Hot water

The technical stuff for one 12-oz cup:

· 27 grams or 2 tablespoons of coffee beans

· 400 grams or a bit over 14 ounces water

Grind your coffee beans medium fine. Compare the grind to sea salt or regular table salt.

Place Kalita filter over a cup or other vessel. Add coffee filter and pre-wet the filter by pouring hot water directly into the center. Toss out the water from the container.

Add ground coffee and shake to make sure the coffee grounds are level. Add hot water to just above the coffee grounds, and allow the grounds to bloom.

Kalita Wave grind size

Kalita Wave grind size

Wait 30 seconds before adding more water. Add water gradually, making certain the level does not overflow the Kalita. Use a circular pouring method around the outside of the Kalita to make sure the coffee grounds are saturated and fully submerged in hot water. This should take about 3 to 3.5 minutes to complete.

Allow the liquid to drip until the coffee grounds are visible, remove the Kalita wave, and discard the filter into your compost or trash. Enjoy your perfect cup of roast coffee!


The AeroPress is a great brewing method for one excellent cup just about anywhere you go. The AeroPress consists of a filter cap, brew chamber, and plunger. It travels well, is forgiving when it comes to measurements, and offers a clean cup of coffee.

You will need:

·   AeroPress

·   AeroPress filter

·   Coffee beans

·   Grinder

·   Hot water

Technical stuff:

Measure 17 grams or 2.5 tablespoons of coffee beans. Surprisingly, using a well-rounded scoop of the included AeroPress measuring spoon does actually work!

AeroPress grind size

AeroPress grind size

Grind coffee fine, or like table salt in size.

Boil water and disassemble the AeroPress. Remove the filter basket and place the paper filter before wetting with hot water. This step adheres and rinses the paper filter. Screw back onto the brewing chamber.

Place the AeroPress on top of your cup and add the ground coffee to the brewing chamber. Fill halfway with hot water and stir.

Fill to the 4 mark on the brewing chamber, and carefully place the plunger at a slight angle into the brewing chamber. Gently pull up to create a seal. Allow coffee and water to infuse for at least one minute.

Slowly push the plunger down, taking your time with steady pressure. This can take between 60 and 90 seconds. The plunge is complete when you hear a hiss. Voilà! Quickly disassemble, push out the filter and grounds, and enjoy your cup of coffee!

Moka Express Pot

Old-school Italian stovetop coffee express! Please notice that this is coffee express, not espresso. This method requires a heat source, fine ground coffee, and water.

You will need:

·   Moka Express pot

·   Coffee beans

·   Grinder

·   Water

·   Stovetop or burner

Grind coffee fine, like the size of table salt. Espresso grind is generally too fine for this process. Unscrew the top of the pot from the bottom and remove the filter funnel.

Fill the bottom chamber with water just under where the bottom of the filter funnel will sit. The water should not rise up into the filter funnel when you place it back into the lower chamber.

Add ground coffee until the filter is full. Press down on the grounds lightly to make sure there are no air gaps and the filter basket is completely full.

Screw the top chamber onto the pot, and place the Moka pot on the burner over high heat.

Side note: There are schools of thought that say to add water just off the boil to the bottom of the pot, before adding the filter and coffee grounds and then screwing on the top. This may allow for a cleaner coffee taste according to some resources. Be aware that the pot will be hot while you are assembling the parts, but the brewing cycle will be much faster using this method.

Allow the Moka Express pot to come to a boil. The water in the bottom will be forced up through the funnel filter and into the top chamber. You should hear a bit of sputtering as it starts to complete the brew.

Remove from the heat source and allow the sputtering and hissing to stop. Pour into your cup, and add hot milk for a traditional cup to start your day!