Have a Bag of Coffee Chaff!

Spring is here, and it's the perfect time to amend your garden soil with...coffee chaff!

Chaff is the papery skin of the coffee bean, which flakes off during roasting and gets sucked out of the drum by our cyclone. We collect it in recycled GrainPro bags until someone comes to get it!

Coffee grounds are also a popular addition to your garden, but unlike grounds, which are a green for composting purposes, chaff is a brown. Even better, it is a brown that breaks down super fast here in the desert!

Chaff is hydrophobic, which means it's a great mulch. In the Fall I layer three inches of chaff over my garden beds to prevent erosion, then incorporate what remains in Spring into the soil.

We even know someone who uses it as chicken bedding!

We currently have four bags of chaff (AND SO MANY BURLAP COFFEE BAGS!) available for free pickup (at our roaster, 4801 Jefferson St NE), but it's first come, first served, so you may want to call ahead: 505-883-1175.

TL,DR: Free bags of chaff and burlap bags available at our roaster.