Coffee and Chile Pairings

Why am I even working at Red Rock when I could be a very successful artist?
Why am I even working at Red Rock when I could be a very successful artist?

Note: the New Mexican agricultural product is spelled chile, not chili. So not a mistake.

With green chile season in full, fragrant swing here in Albuquerque, I've decided to share my ideas for Red Rock Roasters coffee and chile pairings. I am a pioneer in this field, being so far the only person writing on the topic. A lifetime of chile for breakfast has developed my palate, you see. Like wine and cheese, coffee and chile can complement each other (capsaicin has not been shown to affect the ability to taste, although some people find that the burn of spicy food makes flavor much more difficult to perceive. It's never been a problem for this Nuevomexicana).

The following are delightfully complementary pairings for breakfast or brunch:

Mexico Custepec filter-brewed and black + Fried eggs with chopped Sandia green chile

Both the Mexico and the Sandia are bright and effervescent . The simplicity of black filter coffee matches the simplicity of a two-ingredient breakfast.

Black Magic with cream + Chipotle red chile-smothered breakfast burrito

I first tried this combination at the Chocolate Cafe, a great customer that is gone but not forgotten. Gary's red sauce was nontraditional in its addition of chipotle, but man, did it kick. I ate this burrito probably twice a week as a freshman, when I lived quite close by. The connection is probably obvious—chipotle is smoky, Black Magic is smoky, and adding half and half adds body and tempers the roastiness. Truly a classic.

Espresso Strata Americano + Bagel with green chile cream cheese

A cosmopolitan take on two great New Mexican products. A strong, thick-bodied Americano balances the cream cheese.

Obviously, you should add yours in the comments.