Cold Brew: Lemonade's Bad-Boy Cousin Who Answers to No One and Cannot be Tamed


It's suddenly gotten quite warm here in Albuquerque, and I am just itching for some of that Sweet Lady Cold Brew. I've got a Toddy at home, but you actually don't need a special maker to prepare cold-brewed coffee. What you need is:

One dry cup of your favorite coffee, ground coarsely (like for French Press) One quart of cold, fresh water Two containers big enough to hold a quart of liquid, one for brewing and one for storing

Basically, you put your coffee in one of the containers and then slowly pour the quart of water over it, making sure to get all the grounds wet. You may stir the mixture gently. Then, cover that container with a plate, lid, or some saran wrap and put it in your fridge overnight, or for twelve hours.

You can then pour the mixture through any coffee filter (paper, mesh, an old sock, or whatever you normally use) and catch the liquid in a nice pitcher or bottle.

You have now made a pretty potent coffee concentrate, which can be mixed with water, ice, or milk at a ratio of about 1:2. As long as you put a lid on whatever you're using to store it (to keep the fridge flavors out), it should keep for two weeks in your fridge.

Cold-brewed coffee is an incredibly delicious way to enjoy coffee. It tastes sweeter than hot-brewed coffee because it contains about 67% less acid. It can get a little addictive. BE CAREFUL.