Summertime Hunger in New Mexico


New Mexico has the nation's highest rate of child hunger: 30.6% of New Mexico's children live in food-insecure households, which means they don't have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food (source). During the school year, many of these children eat free or low-cost school lunches.  During the summer, however, they are left especially vulnerable. In coffee growing countries, the name for seasonal hunger is "los meses flacos," or the skinny months. It's disturbing to think that seasonal hunger is a problem right here in our own backyard, too, and APS lets out on the 22nd.

From now until the end of July, Red Rock Roasters will donate a dollar to Roadrunner Food Bank for every twelve-ounce bag of coffee sold. Why tie our donation to sales, and not just write a check? Our goal is to continuously raise awareness of hunger throughout this summer and involve as many people as possible in our giving.

One in five of our neighbors in New Mexicans goes hungry. One in three New Mexican children does. Let's pull together and do something about that. ¡Vamos a alimentar al 505!

Read more about Roadrunner Food Bank's summer program here.