I Let a Robot Name Coffee Blends

After Christmas and then a snow day, I’ve been at work two days of the last seven. I miss work. What can I say? I’m sick.

So I plugged a bunch of blend names from the top twenty or so roasters in the US (including Red Rock Roasters, obviously) into a predictive writing bot. The bot came up with Espresso Strata on its first try, so I’m very proud of it.

Here are some of my other favorites:

Black Big Hair Blend

Mocha of Big

Crazy Italian

Vienna Verona Veranda

Dickason's Prancing French Breakfast

Goat Trouble

Flying Cat Blend

Blond Bird

House Bender

Goat Magic

Crazy Flying Roadrunner

Out Prancing

And the three I'm considering using:

Blend Roast Espresso 

Caffe Black Dark

House of Roast

With more data, I bet these will get funnier. But I’m already on to my next idea: bot-named coffee roasters.