COFFEE BUZZ: Ethiopia Sidamo

While we’re waiting for our new crop of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe to come in, we bought this new lot of Ethiopia Sidamo on spot! We are very pleased. It is a washed coffee from Oromia, and it is made up of the heirloom crops of many smallholders. They pool their coffees together to be sold on the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX), an organized marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, quantity, payment and delivery. ECX is jointly governed by private-public Board of Directors.

Like any good Ethiopian coffee, this Ethiopia Sidamo has intense and dynamic flavors. We note, in particular, citrus fruit, cola, and plenty of chocolate. We would call it a  huge-bodied coffee.

Highlight! If you want to learn more about coffee growers in Oromia, I cannot recommend the movie Black Gold highly enough. Check out the video below: