El Salvador Finca Nombre de Dios Honey Process

El Salvador Finca Nombre de Dios Honey Process

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This is the first offering of our Select Reserve—stay tuned for more incredible microlots.

We’ve been involved in the IWCA (the International Women’s Coffee Alliance) with the producer of this coffee, Maria Elena Botto, for several years (read our interview with her here). Every time we talked to her about her farm, we would think, “We hsould buy that coffee someday.” Well, last February, Red Rock made a trip to El Salvador and brought some in. We have it here for a limited time only.

Its honey process is halfway between a washed and a natural, and the extended time spent fermenting and drying gives honey-processed Centrals more sweetness and character than a typical washed coffee, with a slightly muted, juicy acidity.

We are delighted with how this coffee is roasting and cupping, with floral aromatics, syrup-like sweetness, and great intensity and balance. It is a classic El Salvador, and you won’t want to miss it!

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