Red Rock Roasters is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our job is to conscientiously source the best green coffees in the world and roast them with the care and professionalism they deserve, so that we can share what is so remarkable about great coffee with our local community—that’s you. Come on in and have a look at our store and our blog!


Espresso Strata

"Dark chocolate, fresh-cut cedar, peach-like fruit, orange zest in aroma and small cup. Full, syrupy mouthfeel. Chocolate carries into a resonant though drying finish. Retains its rather massive mouthfeel and cedary chocolate in three parts milk, though shows best in taller milk."

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Costa Rica La Reserva Presidente

Grown in the rich, high-altitude volcanic soil of Central America. It is well-balanced and silky-bodied, featuring a delicious chocolaty aroma. From the highland finca La Reserva Presidente.

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coffee beansRed Rock Roasters is located 5,163 feet above sea level. At high altitudes such as these, coffee can be roasted slower and at lower temperatures than at sea level. This results in excellent development in the bean without scorching or baking. We hot-air roast our meticulously selected specialty coffees daily. From fascinating single origin coffees to original blends, we’ve got coffee to suit all tastes.

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teaOur fine tea selection covers the range from black and green teas to herbal and fruit infusions (tisanes) in either tea bags or in loose leaf form.

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coffee millOur curated collection of tools and accessories for storing, preparing, and consuming coffee and tea. We value quality and design and only offer products we’ve tested and approved ourselves.

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delicious decaf April 16, 2015

We Need to Talk About Decaf

  Coffee plants produce caffeine because it is an effective organic pesticide, paralyzing and/or killing the insects who feed on its leaves and seeds. This is why Robusta, the commercial coffee species with the most caffeine, is also hardier (more robust, see) than Arabica. In humans, caffeine usually only produces a mild stimulant effect (a lethal dose of… continue reading »

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Coffee Freshness and You

When I lead tastings and classes, I inevitably get the following questions: where should I keep my coffee for optimum freshness? In the freezer? What kind of container should I get? How long will ground coffee keep? Whole bean? As with anything coffee, there are a lot of variables at play when we talk about… continue reading »

claifornia caturra December 16, 2014
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Well, they said it couldn’t be done. I was quite skeptical. But Kenneth Davids of, that illustrious organ, has rated Good Land Organic’s California-grown Caturra sample 91 points. That’s high. I can’t even believe it. It’s grown in Goleta, which is near Santa Barbara, and costs $27 for five ounces, or $86.40 per pound…. continue reading »

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